Mazda bt 50 problems

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Mazda bt 50 problems

One of the worst problems that can happen to your Mazda BT is overheating. Common symptoms of overheating include smoke coming from under the hood, a pegged temperature gauge, and a blown head gasket. Overheating can cause a lot of expensive damage to the engine.

mazda bt 50 problems

The water pump pushes the water through the entire system. The thermostat opens up once the engine reaches operating temperature and allows coolant in. The most common symptom of overheating is the temperature light coming on. If this light does come on, make sure that you get off the road quickly and safely. Driving while overheating can cause long term engine damage. It does this to relieve the pressure on the cooling system before lasting damage can be done to it.

If your BT is run for too long of a period while overheating, the head gasket may blow. Bad head gasket symptoms include white smoke coming from the tail pipe, rough idle, and oil in the coolant. Shutting down before it overheats, or as soon as you see that it is overheating will usually prevent this from happening.

If it is full, you can rule out low coolant or a coolant leak, and skip the next section. Low coolant is the most common reason that your BT will overheat.

mazda bt 50 problems

Low coolant is a symptom of a cooling system leak of some kind. Here are some of the reasons that your coolant may run low:.

There are a lot of places to look for a radiator leak. In fact, you really should not need to take it off at all, unless the coolant is leaking from the cap itself. A slow leak can be more difficult to find than a quick leak, since the coolant can evaporate before it has a chance to show itself. It really does work well. Do you have a lot of white smoke? When the cooling system itself is bad, usually the opposite will happen. One of the most common reasons that a vehicle overheats is a bad thermostat.

If your radiator overflow is full and you radiator fan is kicking onit is very likely that a bad thermostat or bad water pump are causing your BT to overheat. Of these two, the thermostat fails more often than the water pump. Has your belt been squeaking when you start up, or when you are on the road? That can be an indication of a bad serpentine belt. When your water pump does go bad, it will often leak water. This is due to the bearings inside of it going bad.

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A good trick to tell if the water pump may be bad is to put it into neutral and rev the engine up a few thousand RPM for a few seconds. If the temperature went down, that can indicate a bad water pump. A dying pump may get spinning enough to move the coolant with the increase in RPM. We hope this helps you find out why.No car is perfect, but we've gathered everything relating to the Mazda BT reliability here to help you decide if it's a smart buy. After kms or so it starts to flash.

What do I do about this? Read more. Our Mazda BT is four-and-a-half years old. It has done 98,kms. The transmission failed due to the cooler on the side of the transmission failing, and the transmission fluid is in the radiator, Now when driving in any gear and if it's lagging a little bit the ute vibrates I have a Mazda BT, the Alpine stereo system from new has times that it can take up to 5 minutes after engine start to even show the Mazda emblem on the screen.

I have had the vehicle back to This results in drifting around every corner and Whilst driving my Mazda BT the motor feels like it has a speed limiter on each gear, it gets to a certain speed or revs around rpmand it feels like an anchor is dropped and I lose Just recently my Mazda BT50 has started jumping out of 5th gear.

Anyone else have this issue with a model? My Mazda BT starts to drop back from 6th gear to 5th on a slight incline on the road when it would not usually happen. Then it starts to loose power and goes into like a limp mode. How reliable The clutch in my Mazda BT started being noisy and the mechanic said it was a thrust bearing. He replaced it and within km it started making much more noise than prior to it being replaced My dad has a problem with his Mazda BT Every time the turbo kicks in it makes a squeaking noise.

We adjusted the tensioner, but it kept going. I don't know what might be wrong. Can you help? The engine and powertrain light on my Mazda BT is illuminated at all times. I've tried turning the car off and turning it on again, but the alarm is not going away.

A mate of mine said try Please help me with my safety belt for my Mazda BT The safety belt cannot pull up us hard.

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In one particular location I regularly visit it involves driving downhill over approx. The speed The aftermarket fitted Mann-Hummel Oil Catch Can collects a fair amount of oil from the rocker cover blow off Recent searches How to change a tyre Day trips Sydney Best small car Sorry, there are no cars that match your search.

Mazda BT Problems. Mazda BT 11 Jan Mazda BT How should I be towing with my car?


Mazda BT Vibration problems after clutch replacement 15 Nov Mazda BT Why is my stereo system taking so long to turn on? Mazda BT Drifting when it rains 2 Aug Some problems will only occur after many years of operation, others are related to technical solutions and forced the manufacturer to issue a recall.

In the following overview, you will find the most common problems for the Mazda BT, for which Mazda has announced a recall through the EU Rapex system. If the problem is corrected in time, it may not affect the overall reliability of your Mazda BT The good news is that automakers usually provide unlimited time to correct such defects for free. Check to see if all of the potential problems with your Mazda BT have been resolved in the past. How to do it, we give advice on a special page. Common problems for the Mazda BT Some problems will only occur after many years of operation, others are related to technical solutions and forced the manufacturer to issue a recall.

The ammonium nitrate propellant used in the airbag inflator may degrade over time due to heat cycles The housing of the driver airbag gas generator can burst when the airbag is activated, owing to exce Send by email. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Ok Read more. Deutsche version. Under the terms of Annex II. The Commission does not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided.Select cars to compare from your search results or vehicle pages. To Save cars from your search results or vehicle pages you must first login. To Save a search to find the cars you like quickly you must first login. There's plenty planned for 4x4 Australia's new long-termer, but first we need to get some dirt and grime beneath those BFG all-terrains.

Mazda used it on its launch program then shipped it to Coober Pedy, where Crafty flogged it around the desert for a few days. Knowing this car was coming to us, Mazda used it to showcase the extensive range of factory accessories it now offers.

It was fitted with an aluminium bullbar, an intake snorkel, a tub mat, floor mats, a dual battery kit, an Icom UHF radioa towbar and wiring, an electric brake controller, and optional alloy wheels.

Mazda BT-50 Problems

Really impressive are the Australian-developed-and-made products Mazda is offering as factory options. The controller for the dual battery system comes from Redarc, while the driving lights are Lightforce beauties. The factory sat-nav system even has HEMA mapping and OziExplorer loaded on to it, so all bush-track maps are available in the dash.

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It has been up the Hume Highway and back and we love the lazy way the five-cylinder diesel engine lopes along the highway, with plenty of grunt to keep the six-speed automatic transmission happy in top gear all day. This, combined with the big-cab feel of the BT, makes it a sweet highway tourer. Initial impressions of the BFGs are good, too. They are very quiet for an aggressive AT tyre, but they are still very new. They do show their limits when pushed hard on sealed roads — the deeper-tread blocks, with their square shoulders, protest at being asked to perform like sports car tyres.

The holidays arrived and there was a kitted-out BT sitting in the 4X4 Australia car park.

Check Your 4wd's Snorkel

How could we refuse a summer road trip? As soon as we were dismissed from 4X4 headquarters, we made a beeline up the Newell Highway, headed for the Sunshine State. The loping nature of the relatively large 3. This makes the Mazda a more comfortable consideration for long-distance drives, putting less stress on both man and machine. Conversely, with the engine ticking along at rpm at highway speeds, it sucks a bit more fuel than some of the newer utes, and the best we could get the average down to was Steep rutted tracks posed no problem for the torquey BT, and when a bit of surety was needed for wet climbs, the rear locker was easily employed.

mazda bt 50 problems

Rocks, ruts, mud and dust were easily dispatched from the deep tread, and after clocking up close to km, there were no signs of chipping or cuts in the tyres. There were, however, a few little annoyances only noticeable after living with the BT for some time. That means you need to use your hand to shield it from light whenever you are backing up. But with the Mazda BT, the good still outweighs the bad.

The timing was right for us, as we had five wagons on test for this issue, and so the BT was available for furniture-shifting duties, a task it handled with ease. We also used the time we had the wagons at hand to get a 10,km service done on the BT50, a relatively basic, routine service.

We had one fault to ask the service department at Brighton Mazda to attend to — a niggling rattle from under the car that has been there since we took delivery of the vehicle.

This seems likely after the trip the Mazda did in Central Australia before we got it. Despite the rattle being easily audible from outside the car, the technicians at Brighton were unable to find its cause. Maybe times have changed, but when I worked in the workshop of a new car dealer, if a mechanic tried to send out a car with such a rattle, the foreman or road tester would have kicked his arse, whether the car owner had noted the problem or not.

Aside from these happenings, the BT has been serving commuter duty, which it has done without trouble or complaint. First world problems, I know.Towing caravan today the PowerTrain light came on. Bit hard, currently at Marla SA. Total care RACV with tow pack only gives us km free towing.

No Mazda dealership in Alice.

Mazda BT-50

Has anyone had this issue? I guess I'm wondering is it safe to tow? Nice man at Ford Alice said to put it in sports mode and drive slower. Don't want to be stuck with no signal and break down. Thanks Kebbin.

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I usually go straight to search but I guess in the frustration of the day, just forgot. We've towed over with this van and car and have always been so confident with the vehicle, hope its an easy fix. G'day Gooba I have a BT Had something slightly different happen to mine and it went into limp mode. After trying a few things, it was suggested that I disconnect the battery wait a small time and reconnect. I thought that it couldn't hurt so did so. After reconnecting all seemed ok and continued on without any further problems.

I'm not saying it will fix yours but may be worth a try. Up to you. Good luck. Mine goes into limp mode when it's had a lot of hard climbing it's done it 3 times in five years ,it's just a fail safe device that resets itself when you pull over and stop for a couple of minUtes,my brother inlaw has had his do the same thing,these little 2. Cheers Craig. He had heard of this issue before but didn't have an answer. As suggested on here, tow in "S" mode. Checked out manual and confirmed we should have been doing that.

Light didn't come on and we had good power. The revs are rpm higher in s mode but so far so good, fuel consumption is minimal difference. May I suggest that as you have been towing in D for many kms and as you have got the Trans fluid temp up high enough to kick- in the LH mode that you change the transmittion fluid at the next service.

The Scangauge just plugs into the computer diagnostic socket usually located under the dash near below the steering wheel. Now that the stress level is down a bitwill read up on it. When you do Transm "Service" Get them to do a full "flush" over a service. A "flush" does that. Flushes it all out completely. Depending on veh. Like everyone has said Sports on the auto is the way to go.There's a fundamental difference between Mazda and Ford: Ford is a complete corporate disgrace in Australia, with a track record of leaving customers who need support out in the cold.

Do you really want to do business with a company like that? Mazda is not like that - Mazda's customer support is decent. Not the best in the market, but decent. Mazda is also a bigger seller overall than Ford - but not in utes. Ranger outsells BT comfortably. If you do have a problem with a Mazda, chances are they'll sort it. Mazda does its own styling, and it's always relatively terrible. Earlier BT styling iterations were appallingly ugly. What were they thinking?

The kindest I can be about this latest crack at getting the styling right this facelift was launched in April is that it's successful. And by 'successful' I mean: This is the least ugly BT in about seven years. The vehicle's snout actually looks OK, at last. Thank you! Any probs: info autoexpert. Strong performance in the context of a workhorsefor towing or in terms of all-terrain performance 4X4s.

Potent five-cylinder diesel delivers excellent performance and OK economy. Mazda does better customer support than Ford, Holden, Volkswagen and even Toyota on the 2. Warranty and service interval increases recently are a real plus. GT is definitely not as 'Tonka Tough' looking as competitors' range-topping utes. Old-tech 4x4 system not a patch on Triton's Super Select II system that allows 4x4 to be used on high traction surfaces.

Although touted as an alternative to conventional family transport, utes really are a step backwards in refinement, safety and value this goes for all utes. For 4X4 adventuring and camping it's either hard or expensive to secure your gear when you leave the vehicle behind. Wagons are generally more practical.

Red-blooded Aussie Blokes will never admit this, but they're atrociously fashion-conscious when it comes to utes. Aussie blokes buying utes put women to shame on handbags and shoes. You'd have to be clinically nuts to buy one of them, in the face of overwhelming evidence about how hard you're rolling the dice there. And you know what? I never get complaints from owners about BTs. My inbox overflows with complaints from owners painted into a corner here and there, as a matter of course - just not in relation to BTs.

So, styling aside, if you want to buy with your head, as opposed to using your reproductive organs for this demanding task, the BT worth a look.No car is perfect, but we've gathered everything relating to the Mazda BT reliability here to help you decide if it's a smart buy. On occasions since it was new the engine light on my Mazda BT diesel comes on.

A number of Mazda dealers I have taken it to have assured me they have fixed it, but it still occurs. They put Read more. On start-up in the morning my Mazda BT GT has a pinging noise from the engine until it comes up to temperature.

Is this normal for a diesel? Is there potential to cause any engine damage driving We have been permanently on the road with our Mazda BT50, towing a foot caravan, that is under 3-tonne load limit, and we are experiencing clutch shudder. We have already had one clutch With reference to Carl Humphries' enquiry Carsguide, December 9, regarding cam belt breakages on Mazda BT engines I can confirm that only recently we had the same problem on our BT, Just wondering if your readers have experienced the WE engines in the Mazda BT and Ford Rangers breaking timing belts earlier than the replacement intervals ofkm.

I have a small workshop I am considering having a gas injector system fitted to my turbo-diesel Mazda BT50 to gain a bit more towing power and economy.

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I believe it also allows the engine to run cleaner. What are your I have I was just wanting to know is it possible to put a tray from a Hilux to a later model Mazda BT50? I ask as the one I have purchased has an electrical fitters tray whereas my little Hilux tray is Mazda shunned the notion that a ute had to look like a car to appeal to recreational users who were buying one-tonne utes like the BT in increasing numbers for their weekend getaways. The company After reading a reader's complaint about the fuel usage with his Mazda BT dual cab ute I thought I should tell you about mine.

Recently I did a four-month road trip from Perth, to Broome, Derby, I'm about to upgrade from a Mazda Bravo 2. Some owners say they're brilliant towing boats, but I need to tow a I AM looking at buying a new 4x4 ute and have been leaning towards the Ford Ranger turbodiesel.

I have a Ford dealer less than a minute down the road, which would be handy for servicing and any


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